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April 22, 2008


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not sure what i liked more, the fact that you used the term "geek-out" or the fact that you had a disclaimer! ha! also, i have to tell you that i happen to ADORE the smell of coffee. the taste? that's another story... i need flavored creamer, or those flavored syrups and stuff in it. i really wish that i liked coffee though... i really try

Cesca Bondy

That sounds great...I had NO idea one could brew coffee with cold water.... I thought it was like tea and needed to be hot....(My pet hate here in Berlin is that they have a million wonderful tea shops with all manner of brilliant and expensive teas...you go to a cafe and order one (well, not any more!)and they bring you this beautiful tray with the fresh tea, a lovely cup, a teapot with hot (or almost hot water in) and the blinking tea isnt in there...so it never brews properly as it should with freshly drawn, freshly BOILED water...so I just don't order it anymore.

So...I will definitely try this method.... and will let you know the results

Thanks for the info

Best wishes


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