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May 03, 2008


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mmm... this sounds delish! :) i have nothing witty to say though... :(




Yum. Hi Andrew. What a great blog!! Everything looks good enough to eat ;) I am going to have to spend a while going over some of your old posts to see what other delicacies are there. I thought Tina looked great on the channel 4 segment and it is so nice to have hometown blog buddies.
Now, what can you do for 20 month-olds that won't eat anything green? (she picks the basil out of pasta sauce but my 4 year old will eat everything except spinach)


Hi Josie - thanks! It's definitely neat to find other folks out here that are living around the corner. You guys both looked and sounded great - that was so neat.

Nothing green, huh? That's tough...I have no idea! Has she always been like that? She'll have to grow out of it sooner or later, or she won't be able to eat pistachio ice cream!


Live and let live


Live and let live

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