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May 20, 2008


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I knew about asparagus doing that and yes I have the S-methyl thioester receptors too, so eww, but man, asparagus is so good, it's worth it! That pic of your little one eating the asparagus is totally adorable!

Thanks! She is a cutey... ~ andrew

When I need comfort, I still eat bowls of graham crackers mushed up in milk. My mom and I always called it, of course, "mush." Then my dad would get really annoyed and say, "That's not 'mush'; CORNMEAL mush is 'mush'."

And for a long time I wondered, why does he care so much about the designation of "mush?" How can this be annoying to him?

But I think it links back to his own childhood memories of eating cornmeal mush. Like so many things, mush is important for sentimental reasons.

Yes! I just introduced Mush to Molly a couple weeks ago. She loves it, of course - and Mush is exactly what my Mom called it when I was a kid. Apparently Mush is one of our family traditions...didn't realize that. Could it have been inspired from the line in Goodnight Moon? ~ andrew

Have you ever roasted beets? Not only do they stain your fingers and countertops, but the next day you'll see urine the color of rose wine.

Ha, yes...I guess you could really screw with some unsuspecting friends by serving them a bunch of asparagus and beets...send them running to the emergency room the next day. :) ~ andrew

i must say that first of all, no one in my house has this asparagus issue... and believe me, i've checked for it!
as for my food=memory, here it is...
i NEVER liked onions my whole life. then, on my due date with clayton, i went to my appointment and heard that NOTHING was happening and that i would be induced the following week. afterwards, we were in the car leaving when gerry asked me what i wanted for dinner. somehow we ended up at the mansard inn with my mother meeting us there. i'm not sure what came over me, but i ordered french onion soup. gerry looked at me like i was crazy, and i'm not going to lie, i felt kind of crazy. for some unknown reason, i REALLY wanted french onion soup even though i had NEVER had it before. that started my french onion soup obsession that i still live with to this day. i LOVE french onion soup! rodneys and the west end inn (both in hamburg) have FANTASTIC french onion soup... let's hear a good recipe...

You guys don't know what you're missing...there will definitely be a F.O.S. recipe in the future...it is super easy, and yeah, it's really good. ~ andrew
kate Austin

yes, when i was in ecuador I got extremely concerned about my pee. Was it some kind of tropical illness? no. it was the fact that we had beets (really tasty beets) for a meal earlier in the week. scared me a bit...but now i know!

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