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July 24, 2008


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What an intelligent, funny and well presented post. And thank you for talking about this and linking. That post became bigger than I ever expected!

P.S. You link to xkcd! I link to them on my personal blog. ;)


Well, it's way, way late (for me) and I wanted to read this post, but then I read Melissa's post, and now I'm all "What? Perfect recipes my ***"! Don't you just hate it when people refuse free publicity? Because that's what blogs are, are they not? I mean, we're not taking anyone else's pics or anything, we're adapting recipes and giving credit. See, now you've got me on that "soapbox and silly-angry ledge" of yours. :) Great post by the way, I love cashews, I'm definitely adding some to my next batch of hummus. I promise to credit you with the idea. ;)


Melissa - thanks! I just hope you're able to move past it and not have a twitch everytime you want some potato salad :)

LyB - you got it exactly right - it's free publicity...what the heck?! Cashews are the best, aren't they?


This whole situation just makes my blood boil. And I'm not even a "food blogger"...


I'm trying this hummus recipe-I never thought to use cashews---But I just love 'em! What ever did happen with all of those cherry preserves??


Hope the hummus comes out alright for those who are trying it - sometimes it's definitely a little more bitter than the store-bought variety (which we still eat by the gallon) because of the tahini...

Oh, the cherry preserves...kind of pretending they don't exist at the moment. Didn't decide whether or not to open, attempt to thicken and reprocess all those jars, so they are still sitting around just being juicy :(


I think I might have to report you to Cook's...unless you're willing to send me pots of that hummus by Friday.


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I'm loving everything in this post! Great outfits!


Thank you for talking about this and linking. That post became bigger than I ever expected!

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