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July 02, 2008


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alright--I'm converted and MUST join a CSA next summer! I don't have any great kale recipes. I used to work at a grocery store and asked people what they made with veggies/fruits I was unfamiliar with (read: nosy cashier). The woman who bought kale every week had a great recipe, I was sure-until I asked her and she said she was buying it for her three lizards. Oh well.


duck fat? eew!!!!!!! mizuna and komatsu huh? i have nothing clever to say about them... they just sound so weird!


Holy cow - a mention duck fat, how fabulous braising is, a recipe for stuffed tomatoes, and Welsh Rabbit jokes in one post? I must be in heaven.

I'll be singing, "these are a few of my favorite things" for the rest of the day.


jessica - that is hilarious...i hope i can do better than lizard food but i'm not sure (it's still sitting in the fridge)

caren - you'd be surprised - duck fat is like butter on steroids...

kelly - notice the pattern? - duck fat, braising and welsh rabbit? Not always the, um, healthiest things :)


I love the minimalist photo of your CSA share, those greens are just beautiful! And I'm sure those potatoes would become my favorite side dish too, but the stuffed tomatoes would come in very close second!

Oh, and I gave you an award; please check it out here

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