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August 30, 2008


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would you believe i have never had eggplant? it's one of those foods that i say i don't like, but in actuality i have never even tried. it's strange to me... it's purple!


How lovely! I love eggplant, I'm sure I'd love this dip. Oh, and did you know that you can use the word "aubergine" instead of saying purple in French? As in "un t-shirt aubergine". Cool, huh? :)


Caren - seriously? No eggplant? Ever? Not even Grace's eggplant parm? Whoa.

LyB - I know! It's one of the few words I think I actually remember from high school French. Fromage and pamplemousse being the others...I'm all set, non?


Yummmalicious!!!!!! When I had a gas cooker, we used to roast the aubergine on the hob.... skewer in and turn as often as necessary like your grill..that's good too, cos it get s a kind of smoky flavour. I'm not being pretentious or smarmy by the way...in England we say aubergine too :-D

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