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September 02, 2008


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Oh, this will be interesting, not that easy. What a pity I am going away....


Well . . .um . . . ah . . .
Alright that's how I always feel about these. Now, I'll just write the list and tape it up in the kitchen and hope that that box of red Quinoa grabs me with an idea or two.
Yogurt, Quinoa, Rice Paper/Wrapper and Tomatoes


Yikes! This should be interesting...

I was pronouncing it wrong until last year too. I feel badly now that I was sort of mocking about it. Ah well.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up, hopefully including me.


I'm getting a headache already...this is going to hard.


Uh oh...There seems to be a lot of trepidation about the ingredients...is it the rice paper/wrappers?

I hope there are some dishes to judge!

(Easy for me to say, as I have no idea what I'd be making at this point)


What an interesting combo! Funny about the rice paper wrapper - I was secretly wishing for rice paper + rice vinegar + {no third ingredient with rice in the name, harrumph!} :^)


what the hell is quinoa?


Don't hold me to it, but I am DYING to enter this one...

We'll see if I can find good yogurt in time, perhaps Wegman's will save the day.


Hey... I'm right up the way and Alosha's post came from my recipe... Hop on over and I'll throw a bowl of quinoa salad your way. Throw three more people on the pile for dinner service. I can handle it. I grew up cooking for 100+ per meal (not joking...)


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