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September 16, 2008


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Andrew, perfect judging and really good reasoning! Thanks again for doing it and for being able to pick a winner among these great entries!


Andrew, great job. I cannot but agree with Ilva - good reasoning and great judging.

When it comes to the winner, I'm with you on that one too. Pia did a great thing with those croquettes, even I want to taste them despite my lack in love of quinoa.

Due to the quality of judging it becomes more and more interesting to partake.

Finally. Congratulations Pia!



You are the best of judges! We all seem to be in agreement!
Thanks for this one.


To echo the others above me, great judging and congrats to Pia! Those croquettes must be made in my house, and soon.

I had so much fun with this, can't wait for next month!


Well, what can I say? I'm so happy!!!!
Huge smile on my face. Thank you all, this is so exiting.


Andrew, you did a wonderful job in judging a pretty wide variety of entries. I have to admit that Pia's tomato soup does impress me.


Good roundup and judging Andrew! And good job everyone!


Great round up! Congratulations to Pia and to everybody who participated. Every dish was fun and fabulous in it's own way. I wish I could have tasted them all.

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