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September 14, 2008


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it's funny... for being as non-domestic as i can be sometimes, i actually made some sauce this past week as well. now mine is VERY different from yours... no tomato grinding for this girl! i like a real sweet sauce, and i put in a TON of meat (meatballs, spare ribs and sausage). i must admit, i make a kick ass sauce! i have a bunch of it frozen... i might have to have you try it :)

Alice Merveilles

Hi, great tomato sauce for the whole winter... Mmm I'm loving it.
Just a little message to say I just offered you a diamond on my blog. It's a sort of distinction deserved to the blog you love and I love your blog so here you are


Fabulous sauce pictures. I spent my weekend washing, coring, bagging and freezing tomatoes because I am burned out from making paste last week. So there they sit, waiting to be cooked and milled... But now I can try your pesto, so it's good I waited!

PS- Caren's meat sauce sounds awesome. I LOVE a good meat sauce sometimes.

PPS- My husband and I are totally rooting for Pia. Paper Chef, rah rah!


Green lava! lol! I've never made my own tomato sauce but, oh, my, do I ever want to! It looks like a lot of fun and delicious too. :)


Yum. It looks amazing. I have been meaning to make some tomato sauce for ages but I don't have a food mill and I really want one. Would you recommend yours? I love how simple and delicious this looks. The photos are fantastic, I love the one of Molly mesmerized by the food mill. What great way to spend a day!


Yes, Caren's sauce sounds fantastic - this is really a pretty plain tomato sauce and will definitely be used as a base for a nice meaty one like that.

Going to try another variety of soup with it this weekend if time allows.

Alice - thank you for that award! My high school French wasn't enough to read through your blog and the google transalator didn't do such a hot job, but the photos look great (food is a universal language, right?)

Hi Josie - I thought the food mill was great - it's been in Tina's family for years of good service. I'm sure newer ones might have more bells and whistles, but I'm not sure what they would be...it just squeezes your food through tiny holes :)


At the public market before work this morning I saw about a bazillion tomatoes. I just about called in sick and bought a food mill and made sauce all day. But instead I played memory, and hung out with some cool kindergartners. Perhaps I'll make sauce this weekend....


Ooooohh... :slurrrpppp:

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