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January 04, 2009


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This looks to die for. My sister taught did some ESL teaching in a Kindergarten in Korea and before she left the states for it, we went to a lot of Korean BBQ places. They have some good stuff! Yours looks marvelous!


I love simple, yummy recipes like this. It's going right into my 'to make' file.


That really looks delicious. I'd like to invite you to take some time to drop by at Foodista and share this delicious recipe with us. We have launched an online food and cooking encyclopedia ala wikipedia. Add a recipe and you can win a $100 gift card to Sur la table. Don't forget to register first so we know who to thank the recipe for. Thanks! Happy New Year!


huh... that is EXACTLY what i made for dinner tonight!!! no, seriously though, it amazes me to say that i think i would try that! typically, any food with more than 4 ingredients gets nixed by me...

side note- i almost gave up on you... i was getting REALLY sick of "makin bacon" :)


Well, well, well. Look who comes waltzing back to his blog with nary an apology for five weeks of bacon. So you think a delicious recipe makes up for your painfully long absence, eh?

For shame...


I love bibimbap!!! That looks delish!


Thanks for the comments!

I was trying to ignore my extended absence, Amber, so thanks for pointing that out, and if I ever start a band, I'm definitely naming it "Five Weeks Of Bacon."


Five Weeks of Bacon. Catchy.

I have never tried bibimbap, but there is no shortage of it - quality, too - here in Orange County, California.

And that being said, I love what you did here, and your tips about the meat, etc. are all helpful and make me feel like I know what it should be.

Great to see you Andrew. Happy 2009!


I've never even tasted a Korean dish but I would, for sure, try this one. It looks delicious! Asian pears are my favorites, so crunchy and juicy. :) Happy New Year!!!


Five weeks of bacon - love it!!

Cool recipe.


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secret mission huh? that's the cutest thing i have ever heard... clay also LOVES to cook. he thinks he's hot stuff because he makes scrambled eggs for us all on the weekends. he wants to do more... i figure by the end of the summer clay will be fileting his own fish!

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Look who comes waltzing back to his blog with nary an apology for five weeks of bacon. So you think a delicious recipe makes up for your painfully long absence, eh?

For shame...

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